Art in Romney Marsh – Old Romney

For our second and final performance as part of Art in Romney Marsh 2013, we performed on Saturday the 12th October at 3pm at St Clements, Old Romney. more info Work in progress… Continue reading

Art in Romney Marsh – Ivychurch

     We are participating artists in Art In Romney Marsh 2013. More details Our first performance was at St George’s Church, Ivychurch, on the 21st September. We spent the day working in the space, responding… Continue reading

Reflections after Fabrica

 After Fabrica Feedback about the work Review by Judith Alder: “A second part of the performance (is it a performance I am witnessing? or a ceremony, a ritual?) begins as the two women… Continue reading

Day 5 Rununculus Repens

  car crash lift stop slides set wet leaves doormat lay round tray glass water ribbon reach black dress words down cameras up drawing named poems out close eyes start the sound fingertip… Continue reading

Day 4 Like Prehistoric Fish

RANUNCULUS REPENS/Creeping buttercup   trouble makers edgeland raiders boundary breakers     ———————     finding the glass sounds   fill the measure pour, spill, recalibrate draw sound into place, aural mark making… Continue reading

Day 3 Laced the Grates

light on arm reach                    reach up feet in soil and leaves             feel feet the past coats me  … Continue reading

Day 2 Silver Thread

  Song Lyrics reaching winding, hidden feeling roots beneath face to the sky bristle listen, swallow roar wild thriving ringing alive ES ——————— fill the cracks take the outline                    coil hold the shape                    … Continue reading

Day 1 First Sound, Two Notes

 es first sound, two notes wandering in place collect round sounds the water on the wine glass the marble swirl and slide of the font the round floor grate a tactile rush of… Continue reading