Art in Romney Marsh – Old Romney

For our second and final performance as part of Art in Romney Marsh 2013, we performed on Saturday the 12th October at 3pm at St Clements, Old Romney. more info

Work in progress





Above: In Ivychurch the found objects we integrated into our work was the chair seat backs, which became our ‘boats’ to rock in unison on. In Old Romney we found 6 brooms in a cupboard and arranged them in a ‘broom scale’ according to volume, and to some degree pitch, each created – the picture shows them from quietest to loudest (left to right).

Tim Meacham’s sound installation conveyed live sounds from outside the church to the inside using the pews as amplifiers. We placed our crockery pieces in the vicinity of the microphone, and the audience were invited to step on to create the ‘creeping’ sound.

Work in progress: testing out the sound of the brooms on the stone floor:

Live performance




Post performance