Reflections after Fabrica

 After Fabrica

Feedback about the work

Review by Judith Alder:

“A second part of the performance (is it a performance I am witnessing? or a ceremony, a ritual?) begins as the two women now meet at ground level to perform the final acts together. They kneel side by side, over two cast iron circular ventilation grids set into the floor, each one picking and pulling, tweaking and teasing at a pale cord laced into the framework of the cast iron. They draw out of the earth the long pale strands which are twisted and tangled, plaited and laced through the apertures of the cast iron discs, untangling, unpicking, pulling in, winding up the ribbon around small reels, until eventually the whole length is coiled, and each reel is placed flat in the centre of its circle. The women rise, collecting their ringing glasses and circling together with circling fingers, they sing in hymn-like nearly harmonies, until at last they leave the space and the ringing fades with them.”

Read the full article:  Judith Alder’s review of Creeping Buttercup in Artists Newsletter’s Interface critical writing platform

Email from Laura Gwynne:

“This performance threaded together two professional artists offering their craft. Their use of the space was subtle yet involving, highlighting the delicate features of the ornate grills and the elongated pillars through ribbon work and tunings. Supporting each other in sound and movement, Clare moved through the church evoking an undercover creeper, face often hidden, gestures simple and pronounced. Married with Ellen’s glass humming which elevated the atmosphere to steady quiet attention, their seamless souls knitting together edges where the buttercup had pierced, and enlivening the old graceful church as they went.

A wonderful performance offering a continuum of stillness.”

Film by Nichola Bruce and Sam Sharples (26.30 mins)

This film was premiered at the Coastal Currents Arts Festival on October 2nd 2013. Details here


Performance at Testing Ground, The Others artist-run space, London N16, 24th March 2013

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